Clothing factory
We’re putting you in the centre of our business –
You decide what we produce.
Born in the midst of the pandemic, we realise the responsibility we have to this planet and its people. There’s been countless of incidents that prove current fashion systems are too rigid, obsolete and damaging to the environment – but they are hard to change. That’s why we’re starting from zero, tacking the root of the problem, ensuring we do it properly this time.
We include you in our decision-making processes –
You validate every step we take.
Until now, you had little say on what gets produced. With us, you’re a part of the process. We don’t waste any resources on salesman samples if you don’t approve designs with our voting system first. Neither we go into production if required minimum order quantities (MOQ) with pre-orders aren’t reached. Plus, once the item reaches MOQ, our demand predicting algorithm estimates the total demand. This way, we ensure we never hold any inventory we can’t sell. Due to these process stages, once the item is sold out, there’s unfortunately nothing we can do.
We’re giving back to the world –
You deserve it.
5% of our profits get distributed to five good causes we believe in. 1% goes to health/research centres, 1% to the unprivileged children, 1% to the environment and animal protection, and 1% to the developing countries. This way we’re contributing back to the society as a whole.