Once the pre-orders go into production, allow four to five weeks for delivery (3/4 weeks for manufacturing, and a 1-5 days for a delivery).

Please have a look at “How we work” to find more about the steps in our process.

Simple – you get a full refund.

5 days after the pre-order period ends.

Factories set MOQ for different garments mostly based on the amount of time and capital needed for production. Imagine a production of a simple sweater vs. a complicated design of a winter coat with a pattern. The latter will take more time and money so MOQ will be higher. 


The funds go directly from you to the manufacturers if minimum order quantities (MOQ) are met – we’re a small business so this way we can afford to produce as many pieces as you want, and at the same time ensure we don’t waste any other resources, like energy or water.