Your style is our mission. We show you every design as a sketch first. You decide on those worthy of the next step by voting (putting down your email next to an item, need to be logged in?.)


If the product passes the validation stage and is made into a salesman sample, we'll inform you via email.


You can place the pre-order when item is added on the website. Since every piece must satisfy factory’s minimal order quantities (MOQ) before production begins, we’ll fully refund you if it fails to do so.


Once production is confirmed, allow up to three weeks for delivery. We’ll keep you updated.

Last chance

If you missed out on pre-orders, you have one chance left to get your dream piece at the end of the process, marked as “ready to order”. These quantities are based on our demand forecasting algorithm and are extremely limited. Once item is sold out, there's unfortunately nothing we can do.